New Technology Like New "Simultaneous Technique" for Teaching

This Video is more useful for all students in Accounting Learning using new Technology in Education like New "Simultaneous Technique" Or "GAME-FORMAT". It is Very easy 7 Simple for all even weak students.

O & A Level & Upper Class Accounting Online Lecture === Using New "Simultaneous Technique" . Contact : Only $10 per hour

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New Method== New "Simultaneous Technique"

Basic Concept to use of New Simultaneous Technique for Accounting Lecture.
For Manufacturing A/C
For Income Statement
For Statement of Change in Equity
For Balance Sheet or Statement of Financial Position. And Other Accounts.

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Basic Example of New "Simultaneous Technique"

Online Accounting Lecture only $10 per hour.


Use New Simultaneous Technique For O/A Level & Upper Class Accounting lecture is Very Easy & Time Saving.

Onilne Accounting Lecture with New Simultaneous Technique. Contect:

Online Lecture On Accounting For O/A level needs Some Supported Materials and Technique.  =========== 

I am well experienced (more than 15 years) teacher. I can teach O/ A level accounting students very easy technique without memorizing the format and specific theories. I have set a "game-format" to solve any accounting sums that are so easy and time saving. I also offer three free classes for new students. I will provide all necessary study resource materials for student's study support. I assure the students can easily understand the lesson in accounting quickly due to new "Simultaneous Technique."    


Online Lecture With New Simultaneous Technique

New Simultaneous Technique is Very Easy and Simple For all students
Like a "GAME-FORMAT" & Time Saving

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